Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Your Success Is My Purpose

How to Standout in todays busy and over crowded online world?

Unfortunately, on average, 9 out of 10 start-ups will go out of business, and the remaining that are able to survive and succeed are the ones that play well online and adapt strong strategies that will place their brand, products, and services in a modern and professional manner in front of the right audience while presenting competitive content, strategies and offers to beat the competition. 

Many entrepreneurs rely on solo strategies like social media organic reach and paid ads to reach their clients and showcase their services/products to be shocked soon after with no significant results and a loss in their ROI.

While a Social Media campaign is crucial and considered the base of any digital campaign, but alone its not enough.

Ask yourself those 5 questions: 

1- Who is your brand in regards to the targeted audience? In the start you’re just another business trying to wallet their money, and have no solid connection with you as a business.

2- How are you trying to sell? In todays heavy competition, hard selling proved its inefficiency and actually it can be counterproductive. Making your audience believe that you are just after their money can intimidate them and scare off prospective buyers, creating negative feelings while looking cheap and unprofessional. On the contrary, being informative, educational, willing to offer, give and help will help you gain the trust and boost sales indirectly. Hence why you see a lot of freebies online today.

3- Where does your audience see you? If the answer is just through your social media pages with no influencer campaign, an email popping up in their inbox and an article about your through a 3rd party business/blog then your not doing enough work. Dear, for people to buy today a major authenticity is needed and this can only be achieved through making others talk about you. While your social media pages are to inform and capture audiences, an influencer campaign, email campaign and PR campaign are crucial if you plan to exist for the long term and build a strong solid brand.

4- Are you keeping an eye on the competition? Even if your are presenting a better service or product, the competition will always be present to distract and get your audience to think twice before purchasing.

5- Does your website convert? This topic is one of the most underrated issue that business managers don’t tackle properly and many times is the main purpose of bad results. I worked with many brands that had more than a 1000 visitors daily to the website but with no significant purchases or calls for services simply because the website isn’t built to convert. It might look very well designed and spectacular for the average eye, but missing the essential elements that will get a visitor to schedule a call, make a purchase or a book a service.

If your marketing model/campaign doesn’t tackle all those questions then you are playing on a basic level hence maybe unfortunately wasting time, money and efforts! 

Join me while I discuss with you some of the Advanced Marketing Campaign  and strategies that tackle all those questions and get your brand to win in marketing in the segment below.