Developing virtual Campaigns that will take your brand from Zero to Hero

A Full-Stack Digital Strategist

Focused on developing Marketing campaigns by aligning multiple social platforms through an organized plan, research, analytics, social listening and the right team to reach everyone’s favorite goal, a spectacular ROI. 

Can your organization afford to fall behind in this rapidly growing digital world? 

My Services are
Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely

Some of the solo strategies businesses tend to adapt like reaching to influencer marketing or depending on cold emails do well. But unless you’re willing to stay on top of the competition, bridge the gap between you and your clients for the short & long term, sustain a business growth model, and avoid crises, an organization should aspire to dominate the digital scene by strategically stretching exposure to all markets, provide top tier content, conduct social listening, competitors analytics, provide inbound customer service, plan the future, anticipate and develop a crisis management plan.   


Zero to Hero Campaigns

For startups, the only hope of being successful is in marketing better and more efficiently than the competition. Startups often have a limited budget, which means that they have to make the most of their limited finances in reaching customers and developing revenue. Jump-start your startup with our Zero to Hero campaigns tailored exactly to your business model. Our goals in such campaigns will be to boost visibility, increase online conversion rates, reduce marketing budget, generate leads, increase sales, develop brand awareness, improve customer engagement, influence purchasing decisions and track the ROI.

Why join the Navy if you can be a Pirate 😉 – Steve Jobs

Pimp My Campaign

Are your social strategies filled with hidden gaps? Your website isn’t converting? Cant identify leads, track prospects looking to buy or follow up on them?

Allow us to Pimp Your Campaign!

We will study it, analyze, report,  build bridges, enhance your marketing strategies and social platforms,  conduct surveys, social listening, and study your competition/market.  

After Pimping your campaign, you will have a professional/modern online presence, strategies customized to your business model, identify your buyers’ personas, find them, get them to engage, follow, and convert.  

Not only that, you will have a funnel that will feed itself through word of mouth and organic reach. 

because “there’s always room to be better, always”- Sonya Teclai

Public Relations

For most of PR’s history, we’d pitch the press, write releases that sounded like news stories, and push out cold, lifeless, dry facts. “well that’s boring” 

Thanks to social media, we can now connect with our audiences directly. That can be a very powerful connection.

Our PR campaigns are built around a storytelling strategy where your brand or product personifies and embodies someone we want to connect with. 

The storytelling principle is at the core of ur Digital Strategist narrative framework. Its also core to marketing’s buyer’s journey, where prospects are characters moving toward satisfying their wants or needs with your product.  

 We don’t just dream up the big ideas, we bring your story combined with your brands to life.

Advertising is saying you’re good,

PR is getting someone else to say you’re good

– Jean Louis Gassee


A branding plan is the foundation of any social strategies that will follow. Without a strategist, goal-oriented, customized branding plan, your business’s social and physical appearance will lack tone, image, identity, orientation, and conversion. While researching and engineering a branding campaign at Ur Digital Strategist, we will: 
  • Consider your overall goals and desires.
  • Identify your target audience. 
  • Research industry, competitors, audience.
  • Develop name, logo, slogan, color, and tone. 
  • Develop exclusive multiple branding strategies starting with website and not ending with social platforms.
  • Implement, track, analyze and adjust. 

Branding is the art of aligning- Jay Baer 

Website Development & Design 

It’s important to have a well-designed and functional website, but all this means nothing if your website isn’t marketing-oriented toward your goals, buyers personas, generate engagement, allow follow-ups, reduce friction and get your visitors to take action. That’s why today, a web developer without marketing experience can result a website that isn’t aligned with your social media platforms and content, hence will not achieve goals, convert and a good ROI.  

we Build websites that are functional, interactive, user/mobile friendly, goal-oriented, SEO friendly, professional copywriting, excusive visuals from images to videos and gifs, and the most importantly, affordable! 

The timing is never perfect, just start and keep going -Edhi Sahab

Find out your competitors social Strategies.

You have to start with the basic premise that you need to know what your competition is doing- Guy Kawasaki 

We will go after all their social media pages, analyze their strategies, test them, conduct social listening, pricing analyses, and more so we can create for you a better campaign that will get you to lead the game. 

Have an E-Commerce Business Idea and low on funding? Lets partner up and get the wheel running

If there is a will, there is a way!

Happy Clients!

Mo is one of the most dedicated people I had the chance to work with. A failure is never an option, he always finds a way to get things done.
Elias Azzi
Operations Team Lead, Totters
Mo is very committed to his work. He is eager to learn and succeed. He will always take the time to listen to teammates and other people opinions to make sure he is delivering a first-class outcome.
Maurice Abou Saad
Sales Manager XT sports
With this testimonial i would like to praise Mr. Mo Ghali. His ideas, input, and support we received to start up our company where key for success. His dedication for the project and attention to details where proof of his knowledge in the marketing and communications field.
Giorgio Quaresima
Founder of Property Specialists